Shift Zero

Sustainability leads the conversation with every business we work with today. Our client, Frasers Property Industrial, asked us to create a unifying idea they could rally behind on their journey towards net-zero carbon emissions. Shift-Zero represents a seismic change in the way their business will have to think, act, and evolve if they’re to achieve their goal of zero emissions in the years ahead. We kept the approach unapologetically simple, framing each application with their end goal – zero.

Animation. Never Sit Still

  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Motion
  • Naming
  • Print
  • Place
"We initially struggled to communicate our sustainability goals to our employees. However, with the assistance of Moffitt.Moffit., we were able to develop a brilliant campaign that not only simplified the message but also made it easily comprehensible to our team. The end result surpassed our expectations, incorporating informative graphics, captivating videos, and engaging collateral that effectively conveyed our objectives."
Fiona Neo. General Manager, Marketing and Communications