The traditional branding and advertising pillars are no longer working - let alone relevant. Your brand faces a diverse landscape of challenges that require unique, and increasingly bespoke, solutions.

We believe the best brands are channel agnostic so we do not allow ourselves to be driven by one approach, style or process. We embrace those mediums that are most relevant to you, while also encouraging you to explore new avenues across Design, Digital Arts and Technology, Film, Architecture, Interior and Industrial Design, Music and Fashion. If you truly have something new to say - you should express it in ways that reinforce it.

We choose to work with major brands across a range of market sectors, and countries. Our work has been showcased by iconic brands such as Apple, implemented by brands such as GE, adopted by brands such as Warner Music, and brought to life internationally by brands such as Austrade.

Intimate, friendly but uncompromising in our creative vision, Moffitt.Moffitt. remains a powerful gateway to some of the world’s best photographers, writers, designers, thinkers and artists. Under our leadership we unite teams of experts to identify what your brand needs and how to best express that to the world. We help your brand become future-focused, ingenious and thoroughly engaging. Or, in a word, we help your brand become more relevant.

To see where creativity can lead your brand please contact one of our founders below: 


Andrew Moffitt
Mark Moffitt


Our clients represent a diverse range of businesses, start-ups, governments, individuals and icons:

  • - Como Hotels and Resorts
  • - SurfStitch
  • - Carla Zampatti
  • - LJ Hooker
  • - Warner Music
  • - Australian Broadcast Corporation
  • - Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)
  • - GE
  • - National Australia Bank
  • - Bianca Spender
  • - Semi-Permanent
  • - The One Centre
  • - Proctor and Gamble
  • - Macquarie Bank
  • - Lindsay Yates Group
  • - The Goods Tube
  • - Snell Architects
  • - Future Büro
  • - Mart Gallery
  • - A.B.Projects
  • - Saunders & Co.
  • - Rizer
  • - Channel V
  • - Bras 'N' Things
  • - Tokyo Bike
  • - BP Opal
  • - Clear View


Much of the work we do is difficult to categorise; and it’s our belief that great work should ultimately speak for itself. In terms of services we provide, these include – but are not limited to: