Restoring personality to the CBD

The well hidden Grasshopper bar and restaurant in Sydney's CBD is a shining example of Sydney City Council's revitalisation of the entertainment and food district. Moffitt.Moffitt. were engaged to create a irreverent and memorable brand identity that set the bar apart from the more predictable players on the George Street strip.


Branded Collateral

The Grasshopper visual language represents a collision of martial arts and renaissance paintings. Inspired by the 'Grasshopper' nickname given to David Carradine's character in the cult American television series Kung Fu, karate gangsters combine with renaissance portraits drawn from the cathedral like archways that feature in the main dining room. The arches have become the bar's signature and are used as a graphic device across all communications.


Environmental Graphics

The most notable expression of the Grasshopper visual identity are the 3 metre tall Kung Fu figures in the main dining room. The artwork filters downward into the basement bar as a repeating wallpaper engulfs the space.