Bloke for iPad

A new tablet publication for gentlemen of sorts

A Moffitt.Moffitt. initiated project, Bloke Magazine was created to expose a global and local audience to the achievements, opinions, habitats and style of leading Australian men. Designed and developed by our digital publishing division specifically for tablet, Bloke combines the interactive, social and dynamic benefits of digital media with the charm, intimacy and depth of a classic print based publication.

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Bloke First Edition

The evolution of the iconic Ken Done, the brutal ballet of Chengwu Guo, the unknown celebrity of Max Pam, the versatile wears of Jonnie Vigar and the hidden game changers of Hong Kong.

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Bloke First Edition Print Companion

A shortened print version of the Bloke First Edition was distributed to increase awareness and drive downloads at the iTunes App Store.

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Bloke Magazine Prelude

The Bloke Magazine Prelude is a preface to the broader Bloke Magazine digital library. It gives audiences a brief insight to Bloke prior to downloading further editions and subscriptions.

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Bloke Media Guide

The Bloke media guide played two important roles in its distribution. Apart from alerting media partners to a new publishing opportunity, the Bloke Media Guide was tasked with articulating the potential for connecting audiences with brands in a new, interactive and responsive medium.


Website directs users to upcoming edition releases and downloads, Bloke social channels and potential media partnership information.