Warner Music

Transforming a brand for the digital age

As the world rapidly shifted to personal MP3 players and smartphones the relevance of major record labels was thrown into doubt. At a time of uncertainty Warner Music decided to rethink it’s role and how it communicated with its artists, fans and partners. Their new diversified offering was shared with media partners and major stakeholders in the form of digital presentation pieces, signage and graphics, motion videos and a company manifesto that set out the goals and ambitions for the future.


Brand Identity Applications

The success of the campaign brand identity led to its application across a wider range of touchpoints. Beyond digital presentations, motion graphics and marketing material, the brand identity was applied to stationery and packaging, artist packages and seasonal promotions.


Brand Communication Guidelines

The Warner Music Brand Communication Guidelines captured all of the companies revitalised brand values, defined their global network, documented their company history and detailed four company benchmarks for the future in a special brand manifesto.


Presentation Tools

A comprehensive set of presentation tools were developed to communicate with media partners, new artist signings and Warner Music employees. The toolkit included presentaiton templates, motion graphics packages and intranet tools.