Music Series

Music Series

Music has always been an inspiration for Moffitt.Moffitt.. Our independant publication DEMO magazine has led to a range of collaborations with established and up-and-coming artists. Amid the rapid change in the music industry, the translation of music into visual art continues to transcend print and digital mediums. As artists look for unique ways to express their craft, our music related projects continue to be a source of innovation in art direction, image making and graphic design.


The Verses. Debut EP.

Brother and sister duo Jesse and Ella Hooper, formally known as the ARIA award winning Killing Heidi - emerged form their adolecent multi-platinum careers to form The Verses. With a new sound and direction Moffitt.Moffitt. crafted a debut EP package that expressed the coming of age transition that has lead them back to their warm eclectic rock roots and country inspired ballads.


The Verses. Seasons.

After the success of their EP package The Verses returned to Moffitt.Moffitt. to create the artwork for their debut album Seasons. Photographed by Stephen Ward, the artwork combines complimenting shapes from contrasting elements. Turbulent fireballs merge with delicate flower petals to create a sense of transition through temperature, geography and time.


Strange Talk. Debut EP.

Melbourne-based electro-pop band Strange Talk commissioned Moffitt.Moffitt. to create their debut EP artwork. Featuring Stephen Ward’s pensive coastal landscape the artwork was the perfect response to the bands nostalgic yet upbeat summer synth melodies.


Gyroscope. Breed Obsession.

Western Australian band Gyroscope engaged Moffitt.Moffitt. to create the artwork for their Third studio album. Provocatively titled Breed Obsession the band wanted a controversial album cover that spoke as loud as the fast and fanatical rock sound they are renowned for. Breed Obsession debuted at #1 on the Australian Albums Chart, making it the band's most commercially successful album. The album also received further accolades when it was certified gold by ARIA- the Australian Record Industry Association.


Katie Noonan. Skin.

Katie Noonan is a multi-award winning Australian singer-songwriter known for her striking and versatile vocal style. Her career has seen her adapt to many genres including opera, jazz, pop, rock and dance. Moffitt.Moffitt created a single and album package for Katie's first solo project titled Skin. The deeply intimate and personal collection of tracks debuted at #1 on the Australian Album chart.