Match Australia

The business of sport

Sport represents an opportunity to unite nations not only to celebrate the accomplishments of athletes, but also to provide an avenue for soft diplomacy, collaboration and business development. Match Australia is the Australian Government’s International Sports Business program which connects Australian businesses with global partners through major sporting events. Engaged by The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), Moffitt.Moffitt. created the new brand identity that will be utilised across multiple global sporting events around the globe including the World Cup 2014 and Asian Cup 2015.


Brand Touchpoints

The Match Australia brandmark symbolises two parties uniting in partnership to form a stronger and more prosperous bond. The brandmark was accompanied by a suite of still and motion graphic assets that captured the movement and excitement of sport. The brand identity was applied to a diverse range of items including signage, environmental graphics, invitations and corporate literature.


Brand Showcase

Match Australia was brought to life through a series of launch events featuring an introductory film showcase. The series of films revealed the new program while detailing opportunities to develop trade, investment, education and tourism ties across the region.