Raleigh Paper

Keeping paper relevant in a digital age

In the midst of a global movement towards a paper free world, Raleigh Paper needed to remind its audience that paper remains an important tool of communication and creativity. By designing a series of sculptures and artworks using Raleigh Paper products; our concept focused on empowering Raleigh's customers, reminding them of their ability to create exciting and memorable paper experiences.


We Bring Paper To You. You Bring Paper To Life

The narrative of the campaign was captured in a limited edition booklet that documented the creative process and construction behind various paper artworks. Printed on the finest quality stocks with unique production values the booklet proved to be a lasting reminder of the power of paper.

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Direct Mail Poster

To launch the campaign Raleigh Paper dispatched a large format A1 poster to it's network. The poster revealed a micro-sculpture that could be folded to create an indiviual module of the larger installation.