Macquarie University

A framing of futures

Macquarie University is world renowned for its record of achievement including the development of the cochlear hearing implant and pioneering wi-fi technologies. To continue the university's reputation as a world leading education institution, Macquarie underwent a rigorous strategic planning process to develop its long-term direction, vision and values. Working closely with Vice-Chancellor Professor Bruce Dowton, Moffitt.Moffitt. produced the Framing Futures manifesto and brand imagery library to express and share the university's vision.


Marketing brochure

The complete details of the university's vision were captured in a 24 page manifesto. Printed with a range of unique embellishments including short-trimmed pages, the document was circulated amongst students, staff, corporate partners and stakeholders.


Brand imagery

Moffitt.Moffitt. captured all aspects of campus life as well as documenting some of the ground breaking research and development work taking place at the university.