Lindsay Yates Group

Handling big ideas

Lindsay Yates Group approached Moffitt.Moffitt. to reposition not only their company in a competitive market, but the entire understanding of printers in the creative industry. Shifting people's perception of printing companies from mechanised industrial plants to eco-minded, intelligent businesses became the focus for a series of story driven brand communications.


The Brand Book

The focal point for the company's radical shift was a compact yet powerful Brand Book that highlighted the potential power of print and the level of excellence Lindsay Yates Group achieves delivering it. The overarching narrative shifted the role of printers from simply putting ink on paper, to intelligent business partners.


Branded Collateral

Reinforcing that great thinking and ideas end up in print, the Lindsay Yates Group collateral package boldly and at times humorously, placed print as the conclusion in the customers creative processes.


The Proof Quarterly

Referencing the final stage of inspection in the printing process, the Proof is an informative quarterly update on leading print techniques, new marketing strategies and internal culture at Lindsay Yates Group.