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Where art, information and change converge

Moffitt.Moffitt. were engaged by The One Centre to creatively direct a truly comprehensive transmedia project for GE Australia. Titled Two Words for Tomorrow, the initiative asks all Australians to share in just two words what they feel is the single biggest challenge facing the nation’s future. The project seeks to understand what matters most to everyday people, allowing GE the insight to focus their business resources on making a difference to the future of Australia and its population.

Project Partners

- The One Centre
- Future Büro
- Field
- Hello Future
- Fourth Wall Events


Digital Communications

Working with leading digital partners at Future Büro, the central campaign hub was activated online at Here people could poll their two words, share submissions and results through Facebook, view national live results and follow the travelling live site installation across Australia.


Touring Live Site Installation

Conceptualised and designed by Moffitt.Moffitt. the physical expression of the Two Words for Tomorrow Project took form as an interactive digital light sculpture. Part polling station, part living artwork, the Two Words Waterfall gathered national data in real time to present a magnetic flowing light sculpture that revealed the nations top ten themes and individual two word contributions. This resulted in an urban beacon drawing audiences to participate in the national survey or simply pause to watch the captivating sculpture.


Data Visualisation

Directing the worlds best, Moffitt.Moffitt. collaborated with Field to visualise the live two word contributions from across Australia as a continuous stream that organically grew, reacted and responded to the incoming data as the campaign developed.


Live Site Response

Across the country people were invited to view and interact with the light sculpture and polling station. The live site proved to be an invaluable symbiotic link between the online and offline environments where people could poll and play at the same time. These images and video feature the installation as part of the Vivid Sydney light festival at Martin Place.

Related Corporate

Campaign Identity

Directing and executing all touchpoints of the campaign, our team produced a spectrum of campaign elements from on site print collateral to garment styling for the GE Ambassador team.