Eye Spy

The hidden beauty of print

To celebrate the launch of the new Lindsay Yates Group brand identity; Moffitt.Moffitt. created an alluring collection of Rorschach inspired artworks that asked audiences to rediscover the beauty, power and possibilities of print. Using a combination of insects, animals and human subjects beautifully photographed by Stephen Ward- the artworks proved that the possibilities of print are only limited by your own imagination.



The artworks were compiled into a limited edition book that was distributed to new and existing clients. Printed in large format, the book featured a mixture of transparent and opaque paper stocks, opulent embellishments and a customised casing.


Event Collateral

To mark the launch of the campaign and release of the limited edition book, guests were invited to a signature event. Moffitt.Moffitt. created personalised invitations, lanyards, packaging, and a limited edition set of posters that accompanied the book.


Limited Edition Posters

The Lindsay Yates Group created a series of limited edition, individually numbered poster prints featuring the campaign artwork. Produced in a large A1 format, the prints showcased the exceptional print craftsmanship while revealing the intricate details of the imagery.