No, More

Excess and restraint

An independent exhibition by Moffitt.Moffitt., No, More is a study of excess and restraint within contemporary music. In a climate of contradiction where social, environmental and financial influences shape the way we consider music, No, More challenges what is constructive and destructive for music culture. Themes including drugs, sex, originality and stealing were used to shape a collection of conceptual artworks.

Project Team

- Christopher Ireland. Director of Photography

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The No,More exhibition held at Mart Gallery was inspired by the revered medium of band posters. Guests were welcome to walk away with the artwork by purchasing limited edition individual prints or the complete exhibition signature collection. The installation was designed to showcase the opposing themes of excess and restraint by centering the posters in the space allowing the viewer to see the contrasting sides of each artwork.


Limited Edition Posters

Each limited edition poster contains two artworks on opposing sides of the print; a concept that was inspired by the view of excess or restaint on each topic. Superbly printed by the Lindsay Yates Group each poster was limited to 50 prints.

Buy Online

No, More Posters are available to purchase from the Moffitt.Moffitt. store.