MART Gallery

Where music meets art

Music and Art have an integral influence on each other. Their relationship has never been more evident than on the cover of an album. When Moffitt.Moffitt. were engaged to name and create a new art gallery that featured only music inspired art, it was logical to bring the two elements together both in name and medium. 'MART' was then transformed into a visual language and brandmark that captured the unfolding dimensions of the gallery space.


Branded Collateral

The MART brand identity was implemented across a range of items including stationery, exhibitor guidelines, apparel and merchandising.



Designed by Moffitt.Moffitt., the MART website supplies an up-to-date resource of music and art related news and reviews, exhibitons and artist profiles.


Broadcast Identity

Moffitt.Moffitt. created a motion package for MART to be used across video content and live event wallpaper.

Related Arts & Culture

Environmental Branding

The MART brand identity was applied to a number of spatial elements including signage and super graphics.